Saturday, January 08, 2005

pitiful and sad

Susan has whiplash and has to wear a neckbrace periodically over the next 6 to 12 weeks, she looks so pitiful and sad in it. It made me cry when I saw her in it last night, suckage... I don't like to seem like a crybaby to her since she is amazing :P
Ah well, I got "hired by GTI last week, I suppose it's news you should put in your journal, I've just had a hard time getting excited over it because they don't seem to have their shit together.
They said "you're hired, we want you in our next training class... but we don't know when that will be"
Fuckers... Should be next week or the week after, but they aren't sure...
I'm ready to start working again so I can take some of the strain off Susan. She's so amazing, she's selflessly supported me and shared everything with me... it really pains me to think that I would create stress for her, but I know it does :(
Let's go ahead and make this some sort of acceptance speech,

I'd like to thank my beautiful girlfriend Susan for supporting me through all this even though I know it's been rough for her, she is so beautiful and so amazing... I could never imagine having a better person by my side...

I'd also like to thank my badass roomate Jeff for helping me with rent and stuff no questions asked, just does it... He is the nicest guy ever.

Also John rawks steady, he's helped me out financially like a champ.

I'd also like to thank my friend Megan, cause she made some badass puppy chow and I know she's always here to give me good advice and moral support... and she has funny as ferrets... one day when I figure out how I'll post a video example...

ok, so it sounds like I'm being played off stage, soon the long cane will come out and hook me... so I'm out...

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