Thursday, October 26, 2006

Second Life

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I kick ass!

I took my mid term exam in A&P Monday and it felt like I did good, but I didn't want to be over confident. I was just hoping for like an 83... a B ... if I could only get a B... I got a 101 ... yeah that is right a one hundred and freaking one! Bwahahaha! In other news I'm creeped out by this guy in this picture below:

I want to make stickers of him and stick them all over the place... he makes me shudder... ugh...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Home work suuuuuuucks

I hate homework... I realize it is midterm times... but dang diddly dang I have alot of homework and I am only taking three classes! I don't know how all the people taking more hours than me do it...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My current growing "I want that " list

Justin’s list

MP3 Player
Sandisk mp3 player

Video game / mp3
Nintendo DS
Sony PSP

Video game
Nintendo Wii
Xbox 360

Black Licorice
Beef Jerky preferably “Uncle Pappy’s” I have only seen it in Amarillo
Monster cookies… monster cookie trail mix… anything monster cookie

Other stuff
Laptop Computer
New mattress and box spring… any size
Fix truck transmission
XBOX 360 controller
Netflix membership
New Pillows

fancy socks

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tuning into Justin's thought process while studying

(turning the dial... static... country music... static... whistling... country music... heavy metal... church...) organization... organization... organs... visceral... viscerum... ugh... saromere... like the space station, it is a unit... a functioning unit... sarcomere... sarcolemma... flesh container... flesh wrapper... mmm... sausage... oh! uhm... myofiber... myofibril... why is it so similar... ack! Fascicle... I need a popcicle...

These things kinda burn

big pile of yumi (my girl cat) look alikes

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another old one... I remember having this dream!

brinklj ([info]brinklj) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 11:37:00

surreal, long , and fucked up.
Starts out I am at home and discussing school with my friend. I don't know who this guy is, but he is aparently my friend in this dream. My mom asks me to take another guy to school... He's funny looking, but I agree. We get to school and as usual it's this hybrid school, a mixture of all of the schools I've ever been to and then some. I'm walking by the cafeteria / commons in the Tascosa part of this hybrid school and there is a jazz band playing. I stop and watch them for a minute and realize that it is the band from the Cantina in star wars... wierd. Anyhow, the bell rings and I realise I am going to be late for class, so I run. As I am running down the halls I am trying to remember what class I am supposed to be in. I'm thinking to myself, "It's been a long time since I've been here, I can't remember where to go." I finally realize that I am supposed to be in Spanish class, Ms. Raker's spanish class... This is because Megan and I were talking about how terrible she was the other day... Now as I am entering the class I realize that I don't have my books or shoes. I get in and she proceeds to yell at me for not having shoes on. Then she asks the class to get out their homework. Well, I didn't do mine of course but decided to cheat. Before I even began to think about how I was going to do the cheating Ms. Raker starts yelling at me about how I didn't do my homework and that I need to get out of her class and go see the principal. I tell her to take her Jerry curled head and stick it in a blender, or something to that effect and leave.
I leave and run into the wierd looking guy that I gave a ride to earler and he asks me to come over to his house. I agree and take him home. When we walk inside there are a bunch of women playing strip poker at a table in his living room. The women are talking about some kind of unsolved murders and it creeps me out so I leave. I get into my car and I am driving down the highway when I look out at the city. It's on fire everywhere. There are fires burning and smoke pillars rising up to a black overcast sky. I turn on the radio to see what the fuck is going on and they are talking about aliens. I then notice where the fires are coming from. Every so often something will speed out of the clouds and smash into the ground. It looks like we are being bombed. The people on the radio are talking about the same unsolved murders that the naked women were talking about. They are saying that they must've been committed by the alien invaders. I go to work. I get into the office and notice what look like campfires glowing from many of the cubicles. It's very surreal. I get to my desk and my phone is ringing. I answer and it's a store associate, she is very frightened because some of the ceiling tiles are missing in her office. I tell her to calm down and suddenly I am in her office with her and sure enough there are ceiling tiles missing. I watch as she stupidly climbs up a step ladder and looks in the ceiling with a flashlight. She makes a horrible gurgling screaming noise and dissapears into the missing ceiling tile. I hear someone scream and run into the next room where I find the weird looking guy all tied up. I then notice that there is a tall skinny big eyed alien standing with his back turned to me. He is doing something to a machine. I pick up a crowbar and am fixing to smack him upside the head with it when an alarm goes off! The alien spins around to face me and makes a weird noise, not unlike a train going by.... I wake up to my phone ringing, the ringer is a train... I went back to sleep and suddenly I find myself tied up where the wierd looking guy used to be and he is sneaking up behind the alien, only it's not the alien anymore, it's Ms. Raker. I gasp and she spins around. Her mouth gaped open like a snakes does when it eats a mouse. She bites his entire head off. It looks like a watermellon bursting. It's disgusting. I manage to wiggle myself free of the ropes as she walks towards me. She then starts to vibrate and suddenly turns into the alien. I smashed her head in with that crowbar and it was very satisfying. Then I woke up again.

Live journal post from the olden days

brinklj ([info]brinklj) wrote,
@ 2003-07-07 07:36:00

Current mood: angry

Ribs for Breakfast :/
Today's gonna suck. I had ribs for breakfast, cause that's all there was... and ribs and oranges make for some nasty tasting burps... anyhow, that's not what I meant when I said today's gonna suck... see normally I sit at my desk and help the store associates and warehouse associates and office people keep their computers running... Today, tomorrow and the next day I have to work in the warehouse... Let me repeat that, I HAVE TO WORK IN THE WAREHOUSE! This is bullshit. It's not like I am in the warehouse doing something relevent, no. I am sorting videos, cleaning books... this is stupid. They want us to know what it's like. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT IT'S like. It's depressing enough to know that I only get paid a few dollars more than a person doing a job a trained rooster could do... with it's beak tied behind it's back. Anyhow... I'm done griping now... it's off to the warehouse for me.

bah... yarg! and whatnot.

and now... the panda song!

Sifl: No WAY, dude, you're outta here!
Panda Dude: I have to sing my tale to the panda!
Sifl: You can't sing... you're not a musician...don't let him do this!
Panda Dude: This next song is the new first song on our new album.
Olly: WHAT?!

Panda Dude:

This is not a rebel song... This is.. the PANDA!

After dark, the pandas stalk,
Nightmare creatures, with black hearts.
Ravenous teeth that glow in the dark,
Feasting on bums that sleep in the park!

The pandas are coming!
So hide under your beds!
The pandas are coming!
They'll rip your ass to shreds!

(Sifl: get out of the studio
Olly: yeah, get out of here, dude
Sifl: Hey, Pandaboy
Panda Dude: I SHAN'T!)

The panda is indeed the most mysterious of all creatures
Shrouded in the enigma of his black and white coat
What kind of camouflage is this, black and white?
Hiding in an Oreo factory? Could be!
That's just another chapter in the ominous saga of the panda!

The pandas are coming
To rip off your head!
The pandas are coming
On a rampage of the dead!

Like the shark, the panda has millions of teeth
Which it uses like a hacksaw to cut through bone, candy, and fences
The Chinese believe that if you find a discarded panda tooth
You have the power to summon Godzilla
I'm drunk on panda mystery!

The pandas are coming!
So hide under your bed!
The pandas are coming!
They'll rip your ass to shreds!

This has been chapter 1 in my ongoing songs about the panda, which shall cease at number 820. You will see me again, Mr. Sifl!

Sifl: Just get a clue.
Panda Dude: Get a PANDA!

A new blog post!? noooo....

I don't do this very often because Susan pretty much talks about what is going on with us and nobody reads it anyway so... why the hell would I do it... I guess the reason is that I go back and read the posts like a year or two later and see what was going on and I find it interesting and sometimes funny... Anyway, as of right now I have started back to school for the fall semester and I am really enjoying South Plains College. Real classes are a pain in the butt, Anatomy and Physiology is crazy hard, but at least I find it really interesting, so I enjoy the class. Composition is a necissary evil and can be fun; though, I am not sure I like the online class thing. My computer class is online and is alot of fun too... but I kind of put it off since stuff is never due for like a month and a half... ok so there's a blog post... see ya in about 6 months!