Monday, May 29, 2006

Wedding day!!!

Now I should say that if you had asked me a while back I would have said that we didnt need a wedding and that what was important is that we got married... Well that is true... but I am grateful that we had the ceremony and I will remember it for the rest of my life as one of the happiest times of my life.

The day started with me getting up and going to get my hair cut... after that I washed my car so we wouldn't be driving away in a dirty car. I then went home and got dustin up and we ate and messed around till around 1:45pm when we frantically started getting dressed... I have to admit that I dont wear a tux that often or a tie for that matter and Dustin had to help me dress myself... Come to find out they did not alter the pants at the tuxedo shop so they were both too long and too big so the whole time I was walking around pulling up my pants. So here is me in my tux... but it is lopsided :P

It is 100 degrees outside... oh my god it was hot I had to pack a hanky in my pocket to wipe my face with. Dustin and I then drive our separate cars to the gazeebo and I have to say the people who decorated it did a wonderful job it was beautiful sadly I dont have any pictures of it yet... hopefully someone will send us a good one of just the gazeebo all decorated up... well so when we got there just the photographer was there. We stood around for a long time and I was afraid that noone would show up... suddenly right about 3 people just sort of appeared... my parents even came. Well right before the ceremony it got cloudy and the temprature dropped to a comfortable level and a nice breeze blew in. The music we picked was perfect... I didnt know what I was supposed to be doing but luckily the Pastor Steve Vernon did... we went down the aisle then the music started I got to see susan for the first time and she looked amazing... here's a picture of me watching her walk down the aisle it was hard not to cry she was so pretty...

Here is what I saw...

She literally took my breath away ... now we dont have our professional pictures yet so I dont have any of the actual ceremony but it felt like a dream... susan looked so pretty and everything... Some people have told me that I looked like I would fall over but I think I was ok. During the vows I finally broke down and cried and cried... I worried that Susan would think I ruined the wedding but she didnt think that so I am glad. I wish we could do it again and I hope everyones ceremony feels like that felt to me. It makes me sad to think that most peoples weddings dont feel like that.

Anyhow here is us being announced as Mr and Mrs Brinkley!

And leaving down the aisle

Here are some post ceremony pictures

Next we went to the reception and had cake and punch and talked to people and took a ton of pictures... here are some pictures from the reception!

After the reception we came out to our car to find it covered in condoms... literally covered... inside and out... gross!
Ok so here are some pictures of Me and Susan running to the car and driving off, note that I am pulling my pants up in one of them... always pulling up the pants... ugh... I really have never been so happy and I smiled so much my face still hurts over a week later... I love my wife!! It is so weird to be able to say I am a Husband and I have a Wife! Wow!

Day before the wedding

Now this account is from my point of view and so you would have to read Susan's blog to see what she did. She did do most all the work with her mom and aunt and family so I was lucky... i just got to mostly be lazy..

The day before started with Dustin my best man, pictured with me above, arrived. I then kissed Susan goodbye and we left to Lubbock to pick up my Tux... we got to the tuxedo shop to find 2 long lines going out the door... we waiting in the first to get my tux which Dustin so kindly payed for... and the had to go to the back of the next to wait to try on the tux... after "Forever" I finally got it tried on only to find that the sleeves were too long and the pants were too big. So I waited in the 3rd line to give my tux to the tailor to get alterations done... After hearing that this process could take up to an hour me and Dustin left to walk around the mall... I had to call Susan to tell her that I would be later than inteded in getting back to lubbock because I was supposed to go get my hair cut for the wedding that afternoon... not gonna happen ... anyway Dustin took me to dillards and bought us some really great neckties for the wedding... how cool is that. Anyway we got my tux then went back to Levelland to meet up with Susan and her family to go out to eat the night before... after eating the great buffet at this local restaraunt we went to the "gazeebo" to do a quickie rehearsal and stuff and that was really fun here are some pictures from that.

We then ran around town franticly trying to find stuff to make punch for the wedding... apparently there were alot of weddings here that weekend. I then had to kiss Susan goodbye and that was really sad but really exciting because I knew that the next time I saw here would be at the ceremony. Dustin and I then went back to the house and watched tv and played video games till pretty late...