Tuesday, January 31, 2006

paydays are the greatest days

Paydays are great... we get up, dont have to work, drive to lubbock and get payed! then we get to go out to eat or do something fun... or shop, hehe, i actually like shopping most of the time. (HIJACKED by Susan! The previous statement is a LIE a dirty dirty LIE! See my blog for more details!!) I think we are going to eat furrs today... i know furrs is just a crappy caffeteria but i like it... and havent eaten there in a few years so i am stoked. Susan is purtyin up in the bathroom ... i have to prepare myself for my breath to be taken away when she walks out... i have asthma, so these kinds of things can be hard. Anyhow i just wanted to post and give a shout out to my homie payday! yeah!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I hate arguing

I tell you my one true constant goal in life is to make Susan happy. She used to tell me that this was not possible and that she did not believe in having fun, I scoffed. I have found that she is a wonderfully fun girl and that I love her very much. I have also found that she IS damned near impossible to make and or keep happy... Case in point:
This weekend, tuesday and wednesday for us, we were broke and therefore just hung out at home pretty much the whole two days. Now, to me this is the ideal weekend. I got to play video games on my computer... watch tv... just be lazy... It should be mentioned that my ideal weekend generally consists of 1 day where I run errands do chores etc. and 1 day where I do nothing. Not really nothing but I mean, play video games, visit friends , watch tv, you know that sort of nothing. Well, Susan is the opposite, she likes to run errands, shop, visit family(which to me is not the same as visiting friends... but we dont have any friends real close by so that doesnt happen alot) , do chores etc. This is fine with me, 1 out of the 2 days but she likes to stay busy pretty much of the time. So... like I said we stayed home most of these last 2 days... I did something I enjoy doing, played videogames on my computer... I told susan that at any time she had the right to veto me and make me do what she wanted me to do... and she most wonderfully left me to play my games pretty much the whole weekend... now, "what a wonderful weekend!" you might say... but alas my friend trouble was brewing, you see, because Susan likes to be busy all weekend she resented the fact that I was comfortable just putzin around on the pc all day... I really dont know what she was thinking I wish that I did. She said she is really bored and I understand... but I am an easily entertained person, give me a computer or a tv or a book or some grass to watch grow and I am pretty much ... good. Well so after trying for a time to help Susan find something to do, but realising that it was not helping, I state that I am going to go play on the computer but she should let me know if she wants me to come pay attention to her or talk or anything at all... She rolled her eyes and made that tsk noise... so I asked "what?" She said nothing but after some prodding she said that she didnt understand why all I want to do is play on the computer... I asked "what else would you have me do?" you see I had said earlier "you tell me if you want me to stop playing I wont resent it and I will do something with you or anything" well... apparently this statement doesnt work... so ... bugh... we argued... I dont understand why? Why is it offensive that I enjoyed myself this weekend ? it sucks!

Anyhow that probably made no sense at all but, thats ok, goodnight

We interupt your normally scheduled closing of the justin blog to bring you this special report we promise that it wont last any longer than the commercials and that "moving semi rythmically with the c list celebreties " will be back on in a moment... We have just been informed that Justin and Susan did not "argue" ... such a nasty term... but they "dissagreed" you see Justin does not understand relationships and it should be noted that he thinks any small dissagreement in which he feels stupid and Susan is smart is an argument. Thank you very much and we now return to your regularly scheduled program

I hate bills

I feel burried under a giant mountain of bills currently... My current best friend is the payment arrangement... can I get a "woo hoo" for the payment arrangements? ... oh yeah... anyway my head has hurt for a while because we dont have any hot water... our hot water heater is broken and has been broken for quite some time... because our landlord is Susans sister we cant be mean about it... so we are stuck with cold water until it gets fixxed... one day... actually Susans dad is supposed to switch it out tomorrow... today... uhm... very soon... we will see...
Well the reason my head hurts is because to fix my hair I have to wet it down or else I look like nick nolte in that mugshot... you know...
Yeah that one... so ... like I said I have to wet my hair in the sink... because we dont have a shower just a big ass pedestal bathtub... but no shower... so I take "bitch baths" in the sink.
And wetting your hair with cold water sucks... gives me a headache. And that is it for the bad news for today and heres tom with some good news

Tom: Susan smells really good
Back to you Justin

Justin: uhm... thanks Tom... I think...

Special report!

This is Justin Brinkley with a special report...


That is all

Sunday, January 22, 2006

it's alive!

Uhm... so I dont know what to say since I have been a neglectful blog parent... so... uhm... lets see... ok well yeah things are great... since the last time I posted... got engaged! ... bad things happened... moved to levelland... worse things happened... moved to new house... more bad stuff... but all in all it is not bad at all... I just said all alot... hmmm.... yeah I have Susanlee and that is all I need... I have an old black cat that scares away ghosts and stuff... which is a bonus... and a fat grey ... gray... blackish whitish bluish cat... that eats the bugs and annoys susan which is fun... and a stupid dog in the backyard that got dumped on us... it would get under the house and whine and whine... so I blocked the hole... now it sits outside the hole and whines and whines... and howls like a wolf... actually it sounds alot like a child crying... the hole is outside my bedroom window "doh!" Stupid dog... I guess I would say that I am a cat person... dont like the dogs much.... jeez... I forgot how to use real punctuation since I have been a relay operator. That is aweful! oh well... so... I forgot what I was talking about... damn... ok so... I guess i will end this post with a post from my old livejournal that I was thinking about, actually my dad brought it up. It is a story about a night with some friends... and it was possibly the grossest thing I have ever been a part of so if you are eating and on the computer... wait a while before you read it... it may not gross you out at all but ... my live journal is at http://brinklj.livejournal.com ...I will just shut up now

brinklj ([info]brinklj) wrote,
@ 2003-02-27 09:05:00
Current mood: cheerful

Explicit content: read at you own risk
So... we had a strange moment at the trailer last night... I'm sitting there with my friend Nathan's dog Boo in my lap, and all is good. My friend Jensen gets up and informs us all that he has to take a shit, not sure why, but that's what happened... I notice that it reeks in my general vicinity and ask Jensen if he didn't already take a shit... then I notice that Boo, the dog, has the squirts, and has squirted my leg... I tell Nathan that his dog just shit on my leg and he freaks and grabs her and goes to take her outside.. well all the while she is unable to control what she is doing so Nathan pretty much drew a big smileyface in the carpet with the squirting dog... We are all laughing our asses off as Nathan finally just sets her down so she won't spread it any more. She grunts really loud and shoots this GIANT Squirt all over Jensen's shoe. At the sight and smell of this Jensen begins to retch, loudly, causing Corbin to retch, LOUDLY...Please note that everyone is still laughing hysterically, and poor Boo has no idea what is going on. I take off my now dirty pants and run outside to get away from the retching. It's like 5 degrees outside and snowing but I can't go inside because I'd surely throw up and can't put my pants back on because they have shit all over them. Then Jensen runs outside and begins to spew all over the porch which makes me spew too... all while laughing very hard... the neigbors were outside too... god knows what they thought. Eventually all settles down and Nathan now knows not to feed boo Tuna...

thank you and enjoy your meal