Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's day

Today was good valentine's day :)
I felt bad because I can't afford to get Susan anything, she is so wonderful and deserves so much. I had lots of ideas on stuff I could make and finally ended up carving her a heart out of a bar of soap... I was originally going to make it like a candy heart, and write a message on it... but soap is harder to carve than I thought, it took me 3 days to get it looking "hearty" enough to give to her. I don't think she liked it because it's still sitting up on my computer but oh well... I spent all day trying to get a flower to give her, all I have is like 40 cents... I drove all around the residential neigborhoods looking for a giveable flower... I planned to ask the owner if I could have one, not just steal it, but I couldn't find any. I then went to two different flower shops and asked if I could work for a single tulip... hoping maybe they would let me take out the trash or sweep or something just for a single flower... maybe they would take pity on me and just give me one, they only cost like a dollar and change, but to my suprise I was actually asked to leave one place and the other just said "sorry no". Lastly I went to a few parks looking but couldn't find any there either. I finally just gave up and spent most of the day reading under a tree between attempts to fly my kite. Susan gave me an amazing back rub for valentines day, I feel so much better :)

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Susanlee said...

I do to like my heart. I love it. I told you, I forgot it the first time, 'cause you called me away from where I was and then we went downstairs. You distracted me, and I haven't been upstairs again. Bring it down to me today. Stop saying I don't like it, it hurts my feelings.