Saturday, March 26, 2005

Personal stuff

So on a personal note my life's going pretty good, I'm really happy... my sister got married to a guy who already has a kid, so I guess that makes me an uncle... which is kinda cool. She got married at the JOP and wouldn't let my parents go, it was really sad... Anyhow I hope she has a good marriage. I almost got a tech job at best buy, hopefully I'll get one when they open more... I'll find a job one day, in the mean time I'm enjoying this massive vacation that I've had at my girlfriend's expense... She's so amazing about it, I can't believe how patient she is. One day we'll be married and I'll have started my career in radiology then I'll be able to give her some time off... I love susan... I just realized the other day how amazing it is that we've been together officially for like a year and a quarter and I'm still in love with her... it's neat... that's all for now g'bye!

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