Sunday, April 20, 2008


There's a strange thing that has claimed our front yard, it looks like a combination deer, yorkie... it's really sweet and cute but I want it to go away... the other night I was trying to sleep and I heard what sounded like someone trying to kick down our front door... I got up and grabbed my giant knife thing... it's not sharp, but it's really heavy and good for clubbing a robber over the head... and ran and first scolded my dogs because I thought it was them, they were sleeping and offended by my sudden "SETTLE DOWN!" oops...

Anyway I went to the front door and it was that stupid deer yorkie... banging on the front door... I told it to go away and it did but about 30 minutes later resumed banging on the door. I told it to go away and repeated this process 2 more times. Then I hear a *scuffle scuffle scuffle BANG**scuffle scuffle scuffle BANG* and realize that the stupid dog is trying to climb up the house to my bedroom window because somehow it knows I am there. I swear if it were a more threatening type of dog it would be like a horror movie... kujo anyone?


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It's just me... said...

I think this is really creepy too. Dogs should not know about windows, and this one certainly shouldn't know which one is closest to you. I'm glad she's not after me. I don't care how cute she is, there's obviously some evil there.