Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dig dug

I went to let the dogs in yesterday and looked out to the middle of the yard to find our big dog , Maybe's butt and tail sticking out of the ground, like some kind of creepy new shrub. I yelled BAD DOG! and she quickly backed out and slunk away... then the little one , Marlowe's head poked out of the hole. The look on his face said "What's going on?" again BAD DOGS!
They dug two big holes one was huge and about as deep as my arm up to the shoulder, the other not so deep but wider... ugh... I found a big peice of concrete stuff that was as long as my chin to my hip and it only sticks out of the ground like oh...4 inches... again... ugh...

Here the dogs are being incarcerated after the fact:
Don't worry it wasn't as bad as poor Marlowe makes it look :)

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