Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stuff that creeps the hell out of me!

1. Penguins: Not really just penguins, but more specifically the fact that they are four feet tall. Think about it... I always thought they were little and cute, but no... four feet tall! FOUR FEET TALL! I dunno, but that creeps me out.

2. The fact that on the other side of the world there are people walking around basically upside down. Know what I mean? Think about it... yeah... there's people down there...

3. Bugs.

4. There's a coffin in Susan's room. Yeah, seriously. Susan's dad is going to use it for Halloween at the fire department. They are going to put the candy in it and make the little kids reach in to get the candy. I think they should hide a penguin or something in there to jump out at them, but hey. Anyway, they needed a place to keep it and so I volunteered Susan's bedroom. She' out of town and not using it anyway.

5. The fact that the coffin is made of card board! It's just felt covered card board with metal handles. It's not that it would biodegrade, or that bugs can get through, whatever. But I'd be afraid if you were carrying it with the body in it, that it would break. It's totally flimsy! I mean, I had heard of card board coffins, but I didn't know they were real! I just thought it was a turn of phrase or something. Susan's dad says they cave in when they put the dirt on top. That's kind of sad. I'm getting turned into a diamond anyway.

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