Thursday, October 12, 2006

A new blog post!? noooo....

I don't do this very often because Susan pretty much talks about what is going on with us and nobody reads it anyway so... why the hell would I do it... I guess the reason is that I go back and read the posts like a year or two later and see what was going on and I find it interesting and sometimes funny... Anyway, as of right now I have started back to school for the fall semester and I am really enjoying South Plains College. Real classes are a pain in the butt, Anatomy and Physiology is crazy hard, but at least I find it really interesting, so I enjoy the class. Composition is a necissary evil and can be fun; though, I am not sure I like the online class thing. My computer class is online and is alot of fun too... but I kind of put it off since stuff is never due for like a month and a half... ok so there's a blog post... see ya in about 6 months!

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