Saturday, March 28, 2009


We got a small tax refund that we weren't expecting. Since we had some extra cash we decided to get bicycles! We got blue and pink beach cruisers.

Mine's the blue one. It's a fun, but terrifying experience for me to ride a bike. For one thing, they are not made for people who weigh as much as I do that aren't several thousands of dollars, so I'm just waiting for the wheels to taco or the seat to break off throwing me to the ground in a pile of broken bones. It's also scary because I haven't ridden a bike in around 11 years. As soon as I was able to drive I stopped riding and never looked back.

We've been talking about getting bikes for a while because it would be fun, good exercise, and a cheap gas-less way to get around; but we haven't had the money to get them. So far nothing has broken off under my weight, but my legs and arms feel like jell-o! We haven't even ridden that far, just up and down the street over and over, like little kids who aren't allowed to go off the block. But it's so much fun! I wish now that I had not stopped riding my bike all those years ago.

On a funny note the terms for people who weigh over 200 pounds and ride bikes are 'clydesdales' for men and 'Athenas' for women. That's kinda fun. Anyway here's some more pictures:

Me with my blue bike

Susan and her pink bike

You might want to get out of the way!

The bad thing was that the day after we got them a snowstorm came in, so we haven't been able to ride since that first day. But it's a little nicer today, so maybe we'll get out and ride some more! I can't wait!

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