Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I went in today for my meeting with my adviser, which was fine. He just took all the paper work for my physical and everything, and talked to me about bicycles. He also said 'You better hurry to the computer lab so you can get your iPod.'

Now, there have been rumblings about a possible 'ipod', but I didn't really think they were true. I thought if it were true, it's probably just an iPod Shuffle with lectures on it or something. But I was wrong, I ran down to the lab, just as they were about to leave and was given a brand new 8GB iPod Touch! Neat! It's got a bunch of my text books on it, a medical dictionary / encyclopedia, a pill book, and a BUNCH more loaded on it. So not only is it a free, new toy, it's saving me a bunch on some of the books that I was going to have to buy! Anyway, that's all for now. I've got a meeting with my 'success coordinator' on Friday, then classes begin Monday at 8am. I feel like I'm speeding toward a brick wall, it's coming so fast, but I'm excited.

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