Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 things about me

1. I love my wife more than anything. I don't think I'm very good at showing her that though. Sometimes she thinks she's bad for me, and that really hurts my feelings. I think she's made my life so much better than it was before. I put the "I love my wife" thing first because that earns those illusive "brownie points". Wait... what's a brownie point?

2. I really like to try new things, but it's really hard for me to get motivated sometimes. Once I get motivated I can be hard to stop. I guess you could say I'm pretty damn lazy. But I like it that way.

3. I love change. One of my favorite things to do is rearrange a room. It lets me clean all the places that I couldn't get to before, and basically turns it into a new room. I just did the living room this last weekend, and it's almost like having a new house.

4. I love being back in school. It took me such a long time to go back after high school. Part of that was because I couldn't figure out financial aid, part of it was fear, and a large part of it was that whole lack of motivation thing.

5. I'm slow. Not mentally. Physically... like a sloth. Susan says "look at that" and my head starts to turn immediately. By the time I "look at that" it's been gone for a while. Of course that leads to trouble with Susan :)

6. Video games are one of my favorite things. It's just nice to get away and fly a starship or fighterplane once in a while and not have to worry about bills and whatnot. One of my earliest real memories is of playing Atari at my grandparents' house.

7. I call my dad's mom, "Green Grandma". I am not sure why. I've called her this ever since before I can remember. One day I just blurted out "are we going to Green Grandma's house?", and it stuck. I think it's because she used to wear a green dress with white flowers on it, or at least she did once when I was very small.

8. Speaking of me being very small, I'm not. I'm just big. That's the best way to describe me. Big, like an elephant, a great dane, or a building. I take up a lot of space in every direction, and I like it that way. Susan say's it makes me "real".

9. I REALLY love our dogs. In particularly our Miniature Beagle / Australian Shepherd mix "Maybe". She's a very good dog. Not to say our boy "Marlowe" isn't. But Maybe is my buddy. She likes a good smell (or a bad one), she will eat anything, and she's lazy like me. I used to think I was a cat person, but we've had terrible luck with those lately.

10. I hate video montages. You know, when they play the music and show pictures and video clips. I don't really know why I hate them, I just do. Susan's watching one right now, so I thought it deserved mention.

11. I love Viking metal. Bands like Amon Amaroth. It's basically heavy metal, but they sing about viking battles and Norse mythology and what not. It's fantastic, and maybe slightly embarassing.

12. I am clumsy. I will stub, drop, break, smash, fall on anything near, attached, or around me. I have a big toe with no nail to attest to this.

13. Because of the previous thing, I DO NOT like to hold other people's babies. Don't get me wrong, I think babies are great! But I don't want to be the jerk who dropped the baby resulting in her lifetime disfigurement / disability. It terrifies me when people are like "here hold the baby!". Often I end up holding the baby because I don't like to disappoint, but it's usually several minutes of sheer terror for me, and probably the baby.

14. I like to read. I will read anything from text books to cheesy sci-fi novels. It always bothers me when someone says that they don't read, and are proud of it. Gross!

15. I really like noses. Particularly animal ones. When my dogs walk by I can't help but poke a nose. Now don't go crying animal cruelty! It's not like I walk up on them when they are sleeping and poke their noses... oh wait...

16. Speaking of animals, I also like to watch them eat! When I watch a small animal eat something it always makes me smile. I mean, have you seen the turtle eating a tomato? The rabbit eating the spinach? The python eating a real huma... wait, maybe not that one.

17. You know what I hate? Food! Well, no not food. I love food. But I hate it when little kids have it all over their faces. I think they should have to wear some sort of device that sprays it all off on command. Like when you see a child with tomato sauce all over their face, you can clap your hands 3 times and a high pressure jet of water will come out of nowhere and wash the food off. Woah... not only would that be practical, it would be HILARIOUS!

18. I love casseroles. I also love pot luck dinners. I've never figured out whether I love casseroles because you get them at pot luck dinners, or if I love pot luck dinners because they usually consist of a bunch of casseroles. But count me in either way!

19. I like to sing, but I don't know the lyrics to any song. When I say I like to sing, I mean that I just sing about everything going on around me. If you see me driving and singing, I'm not singing along with the radio, I'm probably singing about broccoli or tax exemptions. Usually I end up singing about Susan or the dogs though.

20. I like to watch people smacking into stuff. SO you can probably guess that one of my favorite shows is MXE. It's a Japanese TV show that basically has people running into giant Nerf balls, falling off stuff into water, or running into solid walls... you get the idea. It's wonderful.

21. Speaking of the Japanese... You can just put them and most of the stuff they do on my list. I won't even go into detail, just think Japanese = YAY! They have all the cool toys, robots, games... wait I guess I did make a list.

22. I have to mention those fainting goats. They are awesome. I know it sounds mean, but I want one so bad. It's just so funny to watch them fall over when you shout "boo!"

23. I like to play disc golf, or Frisbee golf. It's so relaxing to get outside and take a walk in the park, while throwing Frisbees. I don't do it often enough, and Levelland has a surprisingly good course.

24. Did I mention that I love my wife. She is incredible. She makes the best food, she sings pretty, looks pretty, takes pretty pictures, makes our house feel like home, and this list could go on and on. Anyway, Susan is the best girl in the world!

25. I'm glad this is the 25th thing on the list of 25 things. I was having a really hard time thinking of stuff to put on here. I guess if I have to list one more thing it will be miniature animals. Not dogs, but like miniature donkeys, horses, goats, pigs, and stuff like that. I wish they made miniature elephants. I don't know who "they" are, but miniature elephants should be on their list of stuff to make.

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