Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had a really good birthday weekend. My family came from Amarillo to visit, which was really nice. I got a cake and presents, which was also fun. And Susan and I watched the Academy Awards, which was nice and relaxing.

I had to take a History exam tonight, for some reason my instructor makes us take our tests on Sundays (it's an online course)... there should be a rule against that! Tomorrow morning I have a First Aid exam. Two exams in two days... bugh!

This last Thursday, I went in with Susan when I dropped her off to sub at the high school, to introduce myself to the secretary, in hopes that she would start calling me. So far all I've had is a few middle school classes. Just as I walked in a stressed out teacher came in too. She was stressed because she had a family emergency and had to leave, and didn't have a sub lined up. So, I got to sub my first high school class! It was easy, we just watched movies all day. I never realized this, but apparently when a teacher shows a movie, if it's the same movie all day, he or she has to watch the first half of that movie up to 8 times in a row... Yeah that sucks! Luckily my teacher left me a bunch for the classes to choose from, so I got to watch the first half of October Sky, Sister Act 2, Encino Man, and Radio twice. Just watching the first half of a movie is sort of frustrating, but not as bad as having to watch the same one over and over. Anyway, that's my update.... goodnight.

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