Tuesday, January 31, 2006

paydays are the greatest days

Paydays are great... we get up, dont have to work, drive to lubbock and get payed! then we get to go out to eat or do something fun... or shop, hehe, i actually like shopping most of the time. (HIJACKED by Susan! The previous statement is a LIE a dirty dirty LIE! See my blog for more details!!) I think we are going to eat furrs today... i know furrs is just a crappy caffeteria but i like it... and havent eaten there in a few years so i am stoked. Susan is purtyin up in the bathroom ... i have to prepare myself for my breath to be taken away when she walks out... i have asthma, so these kinds of things can be hard. Anyhow i just wanted to post and give a shout out to my homie payday! yeah!


momacakes said...

I like Furrs as well. Reminds me of childhood. I love the Billionaires pie!

Brinkley said...

yeah... it reminds me of childhood too! That is where we used to go as a family all the time cause it had stuff that everyone liked... but the one here was kind of dissapointing, which was bad because it was our 1 "eat out" this payperiod... so i dont get to pick anymore :(