Monday, January 05, 2009

My obligitory update

Not much new going on... it's been a good winter break. I've been sick most of it, but I got some fun presents from my various in-laws. One was a hot dog machine, which is pretty dang funny, I like it :)

I just went and signed up to take my nursing entrance exam. It'll be Friday the 23rd. I think it will be easy, as the practice test I've looked at seems to be composed of pretty basic questions. I've revamped my spring schedule to make it a little more palatable. Instead of having class or working or both every day, now I just have class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays and online.. so I'll get all the work and school over with at the same time and have actual days off. I'll be taking first aid on Mondays and Wednesdays. I think it'll be a fun class, and it will get me certified, which I have to get done before entering the program anyway. I'll be taking Medical Terminology on Tuesday afternoons. It's not required fare, but is recommended and will be helpful anyway. And finally I'm taking Texas History online, because I like history classes, and it will take care of my humanities elective credit. So, it should be a good semester.
I'll have to take microbiology during the summer, but that's okay. I feel like I'm making progress, but it's taking SO LONG.

Other than that there's nothing much new going on here. I like to post things that I find that make me smile so here's what I found today. Thanks for reading.. if anyone was reading.


☆Susan☆ said...

Obviously people are reading, you got complaints from both me AND Patrick on your last post. SO there.

☆Susan☆ said...

PS, I hijacked the previous entry and reposted so that the pictures show. I'm not sure what you were doing wrong, 'cause it looked right in the edit screen, but I cleared it and re-did anyway, so it's working now.