Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Potty humor?

So Susan judged a speech tournament thing this past weekend and as usual I went with her to watch. They are always a lot of fun, but this time the room she was in had a broken thermostat and the heater was on full blast. I looked and the temperature was slowly climbing, by the time we left the needle had passed 90. This is tolerable outside for most people, but I like my climates nice and cool so even with a breeze I can't handle it. Anyway, so I left poor Susan to listen to speeches in her sauna for 5 hours while I wandered the halls of Lubbock High school. It's an old school and has some spectacular architecture and lots of history, Buddy Holly went there. Here's a pic.

Inevitably I had to use the restroom and was shocked to discover something about this very old building. The toilets do not have stalls... In the first bathroom I entered this is what I found:

That's right, just toilets basically out in the open with minimal privacy. I was curious so I wandered into a few more just to see and:

Yes, apparently none of the toilets in this school have any privacy! What if I had to "sit down to go" so to speak? Anyone coming into the bathroom would get a view of me from about shoulders up, and my legs sticking out the front of the stall. And that's if they didn't decide to continue into the bathroom. If they walked all the way in they would be forced to look at me in all my (fat guy on a toilet) glory. SO what the heck!? That's what I'm forced to ask. Did people in the olden days not care about pooing in private? Someone could have just walked in and seen Buddy Holly on the pot. Weird...

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