Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tooting my horn!

I took my nursing entrance exam, the TEAS test, last Friday, and it wasn't too bad. I did a lot of practice questions to study, and it seems to have helped. On the reading portion I scored a 95%. I only needed a 85% to qualify for the program and the average grade of everyone who takes the test is a 87%. I'm in the 87th percentile in the nation. So, that was pretty good.

On the math part of the test I scored a 93.3% out of a required 85%. The average grade of everyone who takes the test is a 64.8%, and I'm in the 99th percentile. So I actually did better on that than 99% of people who take it. Awesome!

My worst section was the English section. Anyone who has read any of my writing and knows grammar knows I don't know how to use a comma. Comma's are my worst enemy. Anyway, I got an 80% out of a required 70% on this section. The average in the country on this section is a 77%. I actually did really well on the English section, except for the comma part, where I did bad enough that it pulled my grade down. But I'm still in the 58h percentile on that one, so it's better than average. I wanted to retake it but the recruiter told me my grades are great and that I shouldn't waste my money and time. Last year the highest grade on that section at SPC was a 75%.

All in all I think I have a pretty good chance of getting into the program, but you never know. Keep your fingers crossed :)

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